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Complete Book of Canoeing - I. Herbert Gordon

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The Complete Book of Canoeing is a comprehensive guide for the beginner and an invaluable reference book for the seasoned veteran. From basic strokes and techniques to advanced rescue maneuvers, the indispensable information that veteran canoer Herb Gordon presents will benefit paddlers at all skill levels. You'll learn about basic equipment, tandem paddling, reading the water, field medicine, coping...

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Paddle Your Own Kayak - An Illustrated Guide to the Art of Kayaking - Gary McGuffin, Joanie McGuffin

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Well-illustrated with more than 600 color photographs, this how-to book achieves as high a standard as the authors' Paddle Your Own Canoe with step-by-step instructions on essential techniques, and includes history, recommendations, camping and more. Paddle Your Own Canoe set a new standard for how-to-canoe books. In this companion title, Gary and Joanie McGuffin use the same model for the art of...

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Paddlers Guide to Algonquin Park - Kevin Callen

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Ontario's Algonquin Park is one of North America's foremost canoeing destinations. It's a paddler's paradise of spectacular lakes, rivers and marshes surrounded by maple hills and rocky ridges. The only way to explore the interior of the park is by canoe or on foot. Visitors are invariably rewarded with an unforgettable chorus of howling wolves and calling loons -- just 200 miles from Toronto. Algonquin...

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Recreational Kayaking Book - Alex Matthews and Ken Whiting

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The Essential Skills and Safety By Alex Matthews and Ken Whiting Whether your interest in kayaking stems from the desire to get outside and spend time with your friends and family or to explore the endless waterways that surround you, this easy-to-read guide makes paddling fun and safe for both new and developing paddlers. You'll learn to choose the right equipment, important issues to understand...

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Rolling a Kayak - Ken Whiting

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Written for both whitewater and sea kayakers, this book provides novice kayakers with foundation skills and step-by-step instruction for the standard rolls, and experienced paddlers can learn how to execute advanced rolling techniques.

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