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OP TECH Elastic Harness

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A perfect solution for the outdoor enthusiast seeking a simple harness system for cameras or binoculars. The Bino/Cam Harness self-adjusts to comfortably balance gear while in use or in the idle position against the body. The unique loop attachment system enables the harness to quickly snap in place using our Uni-Loop quick disconnects (included with harness). These connectors can then be used on many...

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OP TECH Fashion Strap - Bino

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Fits most cameras and binoculars. Available in several connection styles. Designed for comfort and convenience. Easy to attach and fully adjustable. Consider adding uni-loop system connectors to allow for easy disconnecting When sharing binoculars. Available in Green, blue, black and camo.

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OP TECH Reporter Strap

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Comfortably and safely carries a camera/binocular combination. Secondary strap can be easily detached for added versatility and convenience. Soft, durable neoprene pad stays securely in place with our Non-Slip Grip. Weight reduction system for added support. Fully adjustable in length: primary strap approx. 24"-51" (61cm-129,5cm); secondary strap approx. 31"-35" (78,7cm-88,9cm)

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OP TECH Snoot Boot Mini

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These are no ordinary lens pouches. No longer do lenses have to be put in a square pouch - the Snoot Boot is cylindrical just like a lens. They are also ideal for tripod ball heads as they can be secured to the ball head when it is attached to the tripod or when it's stored separately. The wide-mouth opening makes it easy to retrieve a lens while the drawstring closure secures it tightly with a spring...

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OP TECH Soft Pouch - Porro Large

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Soft Pouch Bino protects binoculars and spotting scopes while in use or in storage. The soft, durable neoprene creates a form-fitted pouch that's ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. The compact design enables binoculars to be packed in small areas such as backpacks and glove compartments. The Soft Pouch Bino offers a unique storage pouch in addition to a well-designed carrying system. It comes with a waist...

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