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Boardworks B Ray 11'6 Package

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Plenty wide with ample glide, the B Ray is the perfect introductory SUP board. Soft on the top and rails for extra comfort, safety, and durability, the B Ray is a fun board for the whole family. -Package includes aluminum adjustable paddle & ankle leash - Full EVA wrapped deck and rails with an EVA traction pad inlay - High density nose and tail EVA Crash bumper's - Slick Skin bottom - EPS foam core,...

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Boardworks Great Bear

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Designed in collaboration with Boardworks ambassador and environmental SUP activist, Norm Hann, the Great Bear is the ultimate tour and expedition board designed for long distance, rough water paddling in lakes, bays, docile rivers or open ocean. Features: Hull design provides incredible stability and glide Refined nose shape and rocker for downwind paddling and cutting through heavy chop Extra wide...

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Boardworks JoyRide 10'11

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Joyrides are full soft deck boards designed with stability and fun in mind. At 34", 33" and 32" wide, with flat rockers and thick foils, these boards are sure to please the paddler looking for a stable platform, perfect for beginners transitioning through to intermediate levels. The Joyrides are also shorter respectively, making it easy to maneuver, transport, and store. Taking your kids and pets on...

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Boardworks Kraken Touring 12'6"

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The Kraken 12ft is an excellent touring, fitness and recreational racing SUP. It has the same sleek design features as our ultra fast Eradicator racing SUPs with added width for more stability. Features: Excels in a wide variety of conditions from flatwater to open ocean and downwind paddling Fairly flat rocker for speed Flat bottom with V off the tail for easy water release Mildly recessed cockpit...

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Boardworks Muse 10'2 Inflatable

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Boardworks is proud to introduce the new Muse Inflatable SUP designed specifically for women. This board features unique, inspiring graphics and is constructed with new lightweight, ultra stiff 5" thick drop-stitch material making it easy to carry and transport. At 10" long and 31" wide, the Muse is a great all-around cruising and fitness board that works great for SUP yoga as well. Features: Hull...

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