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THE 4-BAILER We combined 4 key safety items into 1 amazing product. The 4-Bailer will keep you: Safer - 50' of 1/4" High Quality Floating Line drier - 1 L Bailing Bucket In touch - Water Proof Whistle Visible - High Visibility Reflective Tape Perfect for Rental Fleets. Fits in the palm of your hand and weighs 290 grams. Increases safety for your rental program by providing key items often required...

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Dynamic Tow Line 50'

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The development of this product is the result of collaboration between North Water and the world class coaches at Body Boat Blade International. Previous joint efforts led to our benchmark setting Sea Tec Tow Line. We started by addressing the key issues of towing in dynamic water environments; we looked at deployment, towing, packing and immediate re-deployment as critical components of rescue. Part...

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Micro Tow Line 50'

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Compact, fast, easy to use and priced to match. Same bag style as our award winning Sea Tec Tow Line but half the size. This waist worn tow system accommodates a pre-set but adjustable short or long tow. Two light weight carabiners gives you up to 75 pound towing strength and are anchored to the outside of the pouch on either side for immediate access. Unclip one biner for a short tow then unclip the...

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Regulation Throw Line 50'

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SEA TEC REGULATION THROW BAG 55’ x ¼” floating polypropylene rope. Teardrop shape makes for an more efficient throw. Reflective tape increases visibility in low light conditions and night use. Great for all paddlers, private and rental fleets alike.

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Sea Tec Bungy Paddle Leash

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Keep your paddle safe while your hands are busy. 3.5 x diameter shock cord Stretches to 7. This "Sea Tec" line is an upgraded version. No knots are used to secure the shock cord to the hardware, eliminates tangling. -Made in Canada-

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